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Haley takes pride in exposing Jake's mischievous behavior to their parents, as well as showing off her own "superior" talents.

She also always manipulates her enemies into giving up.

Manipulative, unmerciful, ruthless, violent, intelligent, merciless, cunning, evil, vicious, obsessive, materialistic, traitorous, thuggish, malevolent, blasphemous, deceiving, hateful, cruel, loathsome, temperamental, destructive, heartless, bitter, sly, cocky, arrogant, egocentric, baleful The Huntsman, sometimes referred to as Huntsmaster by his subordinates, was the leader of the Huntsclan, as well as Jake Long's main archenemy, rated by the Dragon Council as the fourth greatest threat to the magical community.

He was an extremely bitter man with an absolute deep hatred toward all magical creatures, especially dragons, believing them to be freaks of nature.

Although she was not as strong as Jake or older dragons she was way faster.

Like her brother Jake, Haley possesses dragon powers.

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