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If the ham really wanted the AGS-X he could wait for the introduction of the HRO (in early 1935) at which time Leeds was selling the AGS-X for 3.

Or, if the ham couldn't wait, he could opt for the Hammarlund Comet Pro, the only other commercially-built shortwave superhet available at the time.

In the article there was a photo of the Radio News' AGS set-up that showed they were using a National Dog House power supply and a set of Hi-Z 'phones for the audio output.

I've been running my RHM in this fashion also, using a National 5886 PS (6.3vac Filament and 180vdc B ) and then listening on a pair of Type-C Navy Baldwin 'phones.

National got the contract for the ground-based airport receivers. and his West Coast design team were involved in some of the electronic engineering work of the new receiver that was designated RHM.

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There were three models available, the AVR-11 that was installed in a metal cabinet with matching speaker.This has given me the best results, although if I don't want to use the "Baldies," I can connect up a Hi-Z magnetic cone speaker like a Radiola 100A which then eliminates the need for an audio output transformer and provides ample volume (the Hi-Z speaker solenoid coils connect between AF plate and B - just like an audio output transformer.) The RHM functions quite well with 75 year old components - every part was the best that was available at the time.Today, the RHM performance seems antiquated and crude but in 1932 it was "state-of -the-art" and the fact that the receiver is still operating and is still fairly accurate in its dial readout is testament to National's build quality and Herbert Hoover Jr. This same design team again worked together in 1934, producing the famous HRO receiver.The RHQ was also identified as the AGU receiver in some uses.Also, National produced a long wave receiver built along the same lines as these early airways receivers, the RIO.

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