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In a recent study (*Bondevik et al., 2006), Reimer, the lead author of the Int Cal04 paper) and her colleagues retract the Cariaco calibration data in Int Cal04 data set and Int Cal04 calibration curve and inserted the floating tree ring data set in its place. P., Int Cal04 is mainly constructed from 14C dates of foraminiferas from Venezuela.s Cariaco basin that are corrected for a constant reservoir age of 405 years.In their 2006 paper they state that: The part of the new calibration curves that relies on tree-ring evidence (Int Cal04) dates back to 12,410 calendar (cal) yr B. However, it has been proposed that the latter increased up to 650 years during the Bolling/Allerod. Thus our tree-ring record from Int Cal04, combined with the new, floating tree-ring curve, represents a true terrestrial curve that extends across most of the studied interval.Extension of the C record beyond the 0 to 11,900 year long tree ring record is well underway, being measured in many different archives, and undoubtedly an enormous amount of scientific knowledge will stem from these studies.In our laboratory, we have overlapped and extended the tree-ring radiocarbon calibration from 3,000 to 55,000 yrs.

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The photo images of the Cariaco sediment layering (Hughen et al., 2004) shows very weak to indistinct layers in the 13,250 to 14,000 year interval where the offset of Cariaco data with the tree ring and coral data sets is most apparent.

Another difference between the selections of Int Cal04 versus our calibration program is philosophical.

Seven years elapsed between publication of Int Cal98 and Int Cal04 although the majority of new data between 14,000 and 26,000 are from our laboratory.

In a series of published papers and manuscripts soon to be published, we present our analytical techniques in detail (Mortlock et al., 2005; Chiu et al., 2005a) and the geochemical (Cao et al., 2005) and geophysical (Chiu et al., 2005b, 2005c) explanations for the departure of radiocarbon dates from the true calendar ages and compare our results to other radiocarbon calibration data.

View the entire radiocarbon calibration curve here.

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