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The crimes, as recounted by former disciples, included drug running, swindling and prostitution by many ashramites to pay for their lengthy stays in India or funnel money to the commune; extensive immigration fraud and tax fraud conducted by Rajneesh and Foundation leaders in India and then the USA; currency and gold smuggling when they moved to the USA in 1981; a slew of frivolous lawsuits launched to harass and intimidate local Oregon citizens from 1982-1985; failing to pay many of their loans in the USA; arson (one incident in India to defraud an insurance company, another arson attack in USA to destroy county records), racketeering, burglary, assault, conspiracy and illegal electronic surveillance (the largest such wiretapping-bugging operation ever uncovered); criminal bioterrorism sickenings of some 750 Oregonians and attempted assassinations of select outsiders and insiders in 1984-1985 by some of Rajneesh's top circle of people, led by his authorized lieutenant, Ma Sheela; and intermittent poisonings of scores if not hundreds of Rajneesh sannyasins from the late 1970s until Sheela and her "Dr. In all, just assessing the illegal activity in the USA from 1981-1985 (not to mention earlier crimes in India), 32 Rajneeshees were charged with crimes in Oregon; 23 pleaded guilty; 2 were convicted at trial; 4 still remain fugitives; 8 served prison time. --deliberately divided and broken families, --serial noncommittal relationships, --sham marriages to defy immigration laws, --mass abortions and sterilizations of women (many suffering from surgical complications) and vasectomies for men all ordered by the guru, --a few thousand very neglected children, --and, for too many periods of time, neglect by Rajneesh of the spiritual welfare and bodily-emotional-financial welfare of tens of thousands of young adults and older disciples who had given to this mesmerizing little man so much of their lives—their souls, minds, energy, money and years of labor.Using only drivers with a proven track record of punctuality and safe road behavior, we ensure your trip will be safe, pleasurable, and timely.In addition, we offer scooter and bicycle rental at affordable rates.Join now free without any payments and no comparison to other free dating sites in India! We moved to India in 2007 to stay at the foot of the holy mountain, Arunachala.Then after eight amazing years, we moved to Mexico, where we now reside. Times of India brings the Latest News & Breaking News Headlines from India & around the World.

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