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Originally developed to support the [email protected] project, it became generalized as a platform for other distributed applications in areas as diverse as mathematics, linguistics, medicine, molecular biology, climatology, environmental science, and astrophysics, among others.

BOINC aims to enable researchers to tap into the enormous processing resources of multiple personal computers around the world.

For information about current distribution needs, contact your local Salvation Army or the Operation Airdrop Facebook page. If you’re pilot or have a plane and want to join Operation Airdrop, contact us HERE.

Our friends and neighbors along the Gulf need our help, and will for days and weeks to come.

Since OAD’s formation, the group has grown to 200 pilots and planes from across the nation.

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Since 1971 AIC has been dedicated to promoting the professional development and recognition of those involved in the management of the construction process.

BOINC consists of a server system and client software that communicate with each other to distribute and process work units and return the results.

BOINC can be controlled remotely by remote procedure calls (RPC), from the command line, and from the BOINC Account Manager.

BOINC Manager currently has two "views": the Advanced View and the Simplified GUI.

The Grid View was removed in the 6.6.x clients as it was redundant.

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