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I had been tailoring and altering my own personal clothes since forever due to my body type, so when the opportunity arose to design, style and tailor jeans for women abroad, I put my best foot forward and handled my BUSINESS! I did it without Flav not because I left him, I did it without Flav because he WAS NOT THERE!!! I am a single mom, who has the right to take care of business by all means necessary!

And as women, we now know that we don’t have to wait on no MAN to handle our business!

Honestly William Drayden and I were never really a couple, for the day I won, inevitably was the day I loss.

Fearing that the show was all a stage to entertain, I often ask Flav, “Is this real or are you just having fun” He was always calm and with a sincere and straight face replied, “Yes this is real, and I do wanna have you in my life”.

Now many of you may say I was being naive to believe in a reality love affair, but at the time it felt right.

This was Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, he is an older man and knows better than to play games.

Over the weekend I hit the magazine racks and spotted Deelishis [London Charles] on the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

Flav gives all of the girls nicknames, but cannot think of one for a particular girl, who tells him she likes scuba diving, so he names her 'Shellz.' Oyster then reveals that she has worn red clothing every day for six years straight, and decides to name herself "Red Oyster." Hottie is very aggressive with Flav, which he likes.

Hottie is the first to receive a clock, and Rain manages to get Goldie standing in time for the elimination ceremony, and she is the last person to receive her clock.

On her way out Cherry cries and wonders how "Goldie, who puked in bucket, a gallon of puke" stays.

Some of the hot tub settings are nice, but some are strange, such as Hottie's.

Flav states "Hottie is very 'dramatical.' She tried to 'hypnotize' me!

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